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The Implementation Of Systems Engineering Processes In The Large And Complex Systems; Challenges And Discussion

The implementation of systems engineering processes in the large and complex systems; challenges and discussion

The complexities that ignoring each one increases exponentially the time and cost of developing an operating system, can be listed below. Without managing these complexities, Consequently the developed system would be noncompetitive.

  • Fast changes in the system’s environment.
  •  Changing customer needs and expectation.
  • The change and improvement of technologies that can be used in the development of a system and will have been creating the more efficient solutions in the middle phases of systems development.
  • How to take care of the effects of changing requirements of a sub-system on the other sub-systems in the processes of development of system.
  • Consequence of ignoring requirements of the complete life cycle of a system.
  • Documentation management and managing the information flow and feedback of changes in the requirements.
  • How to make the appropriate decision and the real estimation of finance and human resources of sub-systems at the right time.
  • How to establish suitable team for the definition and design requirements and solutions of the macro level of system and adjust the working relationships between them.
  • How to choose the correct and appropriate templates and procedures of management and technical processes and working through the real dominant conditions.
  • The lack of accurate and comprehensive definition of the system’s interfaces that will have an effective impact on the system’s requirements.
  • There is no conclusive methodology to defining different modes of system while this complexity has effect on the system design, even though at the level of concept.
  • The nonexistence of integrated and reliable planning for the verification and validation of system’s requirements that has effect on the system’s integration and also on the planning of procedures of testing and evaluation.
  • On the assignment of requirements, the subject that the final product should be competitive must be considered while frequently only the technical issues of system is observed.
  • With which factors and How to make decision to entry into a large and complex system with the high risk.
  • How to make decision to implement what level of systems engineering processes

The starting point and the most important steps of the decision-making process;

indeed, to make a proper decision and initiate development of a large and complex system, the question of “what actual issues should be considered and how to select and prioritize the steps that would be executed?”, should be answered and explained.

The first step is to establish a simple and accurate expression of the user’s need and the goals of system in top and macro level.

Note: More emphasis should be placed to avoiding precipitate and starting execution without defining actual needs and comprehensive and achievable objectives.

The second step is to concentrate on the analysis of Top-level solutions with the focusing on the considering and investigating both non-equipment and equipment solutions.

Note: More emphasis should be placed to avoiding precipitate and manufacturing execution system without exploring and comprehensive analysis of Top-level solutions.

The third step is the analysis of alternatives and absolutely select final solution that can be an equipment solution and a system development. This step is the most important and the most influential stage of decision-making on the entire processes. On the selection of the final solution, all requirements of system’s development, particularly Top-level of system’s requirement such as environmental conditions and system environment modeling, accessibility and maturity of the technology, the culture and the level of organizational maturity and budgeting graph on the total system’s development time, is very important and vital.

Note: More emphasis should be placed to avoiding precipitate and manufacturing execution system without exact and comprehensive defining all requirements of system’s development on the Top-level.


Of course, It is simply not possible, to capture all of these complexities with an empirical SE model, but we make great efforts to explain and clarify these issues through many of the technical reports, based on our experience of implementing such. These Technical Reports will be publishing as FSEMP Technical Reports (known as “FSEMP-TR”).

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